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Updated last on
March 28, 2006

CLAS Time and Billing

NEW!  CLAS Version 5 Time and Billing.  The Time & Billing module does what it says - accounts for time and produces bills.  In addition, Time & Billing can store virtually every significant fact about a client's billing history and use that information to compile and print reports, lists, and just about anything else you or your client might want.  Much of what some other billing software companies call "client management" is already included in CLAS Time & Billing.

Worried about flexibility in billing methods? CLAS allows you to make whatever agreement you like with your client —  if you can explain it, CLAS Time & Billing can do it.

Particular about your billing statements?  Choose from the standard formats provided with CLAS or customize, in both content and format, to design a statement that works for you.   

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CLAS Profit Allocation

CLAS Profit Allocation handles the toughest job at any law firm - dividing the firm's profit among the people who have earned it.  

The work begins with CLAS Time & Billing, where each payment is accurately traced to its originating billing statement and attributed to costs, late charges, write-ups, and fees.  

CLAS Profit Allocation then takes the "profit" from each payment and allocates it among the various partners and other designated "profiteers" based upon a formula.  You design the formula, matter by matter if necessary, to divide each profit dollar attributable to the fees billed by various timekeepers. The formula entered can allocate specified percentages to "rainmakers", senior partners, responsible attorneys, working attorneys and others who should be credited for revenue production - complex profit distribution formulas are no problem.

But that's not all. CLAS Profit Allocation allows allocation adjustments to be entered (to accommodate after-the-fact allocation decisions), accommodates an unlimited number of profiteers and timekeepers, allows allocation of costs as well as fees, keeps an absolutely complete audit trail of all allocation data, including the pay-out of allocated "profits".

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CLAS Trust Accounting

We know that proper handling of client funds is critical.  We also know how much work it can be to manage your trust account.  

CLAS Trust Accounting not only keeps the trust accounts in order and the clients informed, it integrates with the Time & Billing module so that the firm can pay fees earned from trust without having to make duplicate entries.

CLAS Trust Accounting is one of very few systems that can handle multiple trust accounts.  Each matter file can be assigned to its own separate trust bank account or to a common account. CLAS Trust Accounting takes care of all the details.

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CLAS Manager

Calendaring, docketing, scheduling, critical date monitoring, file tracking, work management - there are many ways to describe it. The bottom line is to make sure everything get done on time, and nothing slips through the cracks.

CLAS Manager does it all and more. Like the Trust Accounting module, CLAS Manager knows everything that CLAS Time & Billing knows, and vice versa — so reports can account for information contained in both.

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CLAS Notebook

CLAS Notebook integrates with Manager and allows you to clean up all of the bits of miscellaneous information in your file folders, like notes of important telephone calls scattered through the folder, or names and phone numbers that you want nearby, even if your file folder isn't.


CLAS Conflict Tracking

You know the problem. Remembering all the clients you've represented in the past, and all the other contacts your firm has had that could cause a conflict of interest every time a new case walks through the door. And what if the rolodex card that contains the conflict information isn't put back, or doesn't get filed?

CLAS Conflict has a flawless memory, is easy and quick, and allows you to track conflict information by more than just a name.

Concerned about system speed after putting years of information into it? Not to worry. You can put hundreds of thousands of conflict entries into CLAS Conflict. Each conflict search will still be instant.

And of course, CLAS Conflict knows what CLAS Time & Billing knows, and what CLAS Trust Accounting knows — which makes entering Conflict information faster, easier, more complete, and more reliable.

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CLAS Reporter

CLAS Reporter can be used to print lists and create reports, just for you, without a programmer. Want to change something in your billing statements? No problem. CLAS Reporter gives you instant access to every detail of billing statements and almost anything else that any CLAS module outputs.

Of course, CLAS Reporter knows everything that Time & Billing knows, as well as Trust Accounting, and Manager. And it can put all of it together when you need it, in whatever form you want it.

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CLAS Database

Want to keep extra information about your clients?  The "Database" option allows you even more flexibility.  You decide which information is important and you design the screen prompts.  Best of all, this extra information can be incorporated into billing statements, reports or any other CLAS output.

CLAS Database extends the standard case file data by allowing your firm to add up to twenty customized prompts and responses. Record and utilize practice-specific information.  Meet the needs of clients that have specialized billing requirements.    

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CLAS TimeSheets

NEW!  CLAS Version 5 TimeSheets (with QuickSheets).  CLAS TimeSheets allows individual timekeepers to make entries and prepare individual timesheets.  CLAS TimeSheets is specifically designed for attorneys who wish to enter their own time.  And our new QuickSheets function makes entry even easier. 

TimeSheets provides maximum flexibility in time entry.  Each station knows what CLAS Time & Billing knows and is provided reference access (without the ability to make changes) to most CLAS information.  Intuitive entry forms are designed to speed entry and ensure that no time is wasted. 

TimeSheets features include:


Automatic timers start with a click of a button


Spell checking on entry or full sheet level


QuickSheets preloads new time sheets with recently worked cases


Use QuickSheets to build time sheet templates


Short-hand entry codes automatically expand (macros)


Automatic sheet naming or create your own naming scheme


Enter time, costs, payments, fees and adjustments 


Remote entry

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Networking is built into every module we write and works with most  major network operating systems. When we say network, we really mean it -- unlimited users and all functions are simultaneously available.



CLAS Senior option creates a never-need-to-purge feature giving you the assurance that every detail on every case is always available - for detailed or summarized reports.  CLAS Senior supports unlimited archiving of statement detail.