Upgrade your current CLAS  to

CLAS Version 5

At SoftLaw Corporation, we know how law offices work and we know that your time is valuable.  Our design team has worked with the toughest of all product testers - our customers - to develop New CLAS Version 5.  And we like what we are hearing...

            “I really like the new interface.  It is easier to use and navigate.”

“This is a lot quicker on editing, especially on larger cases.”

“We should have upgraded sooner!” 

“I like the QuickSlips feature of Timesheets.  I tend to work on a lot of the same cases and this saves me time posting.”

New to CLAS? Now is a great time to take a look.

Already a CLAS user?  Whether your office already relies on the Windows Version of CLAS or the DOS Version of CLAS, check out NEW CLAS Version 5.  Version 5 offers new features, faster functions, and a sleek and intuitive user interface.  

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Pricing for CLAS Version 5 will depend on the CLAS modules purchased or currently in use by your office.  Contact us today for pricing and start taking advantage of the newest version of CLAS.


Updated last on
October 03, 2006